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Manifold Greatness: The Creation and Afterlife of the King James Bible has been made possible in part by a major grant from the
National Endowment for the Humanities: Because democracy demands wisdom. Visit the NEH at www.neh.gov.

The Manifold Greatness website has been awarded the 2012 RBMS Leab Exhibition Award in the “electronic exhibition” category.  Learn more about the award from this American Library Association web page.


Stephen Enniss, Eric Weinmann librarian at the Folger Shakespeare Library, project manager
Steven Galbraith, Andrew W. Mellon curator of rare books at the Folger Shakespeare Library, Manifold Greatness exhibition co-curator
Hannibal Hamlin, associate professor of English at The Ohio State University, Manifold Greatness exhibition co-curator
Susan Brandehoff, director of program development and partnerships, Public Programs Office, American Library Association (ALA)

Website development:

Garland Scott, Folger head of external relations, project leader
Esther Ferington, independent writer, editor, and consultant, principal content developer
Amy Arden, Folger communications associate, children’s content, family guide, and social media
Julie Ainsworth, Folger head of photography and digital imaging, photography of Folger collection
Jane Martin of The Photo Editor, outside photographs
Swim Design Consultants of Kensington, Maryland, website designer and developer

Consultants and contributors:

At the Folger Shakespeare Library:
Gail Kern Paster, director
Stephen Enniss, Eric Weinmann librarian, Manifold Greatness project leader
Caryn Lazzuri, head of exhibitions
Steven Galbraith, Andrew W. Mellon curator of rare books, Manifold Greatness exhibition co-curator
Hannibal Hamlin, associate professor of English at The Ohio State University, Manifold Greatness exhibition co-curator
Erin Blake, curator of art and special collections
Rosalind Larry, head of circulation
J. Franklin Mowery, head of conservation
Elizabeth Walsh, head of the reading room, and the reading room staff
Heather Wolfe, curator of manuscripts
Robert Young, director of education
Georgianna Ziegler, Louis B. Thalheimer head of reference

At the University of Oxford:
Diarmaid MacCulloch, professor of the history of the church, St Cross College
Judith Maltby, chaplain, fellow, and reader in church history at Corpus Christi College
Helen Moore, fellow in English, Corpus Christi College
Julian Reid, archivist, Corpus Christi and Merton Colleges
Elizabeth Solopova, research fellow, medieval language and linguistics

At the Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford:
Richard Ovenden, keeper of special collections and associate director
Sarah Henderson, head of communications
Alison Prince, web manager
Oana Romocea, communications officer
Madeline Slaven, exhibitions and loans
Samuel Fanous, head of publishing, Bodleian Library Publishing
Deborah Susman, managing editor, Bodleian Library Publishing
Caroline Brooke Johnson, editor, Bodeleian Library Publishing
Janet Phillips, editor, Bodleian Library Publishing
Susan Wheeler, marketing and sales coordinator, Bodleian Library Publishing

At the Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas at Austin:
Anna Chen, public services intern
Cathy Henderson, Fleur Cowles executive curator and associate director for exhibitions and education
Christine Lee, director of marketing
Danielle Sigler, curator of academic affairs
Jen Tisdale, director of public affairs


Most images are credited on the web page where they appear; click on an image for more detailed information, where available.
Home-page images:
George Perfect Harding after Hans Holbein. King Henry VIII. Watercolor and ink, 1808. Folger Shakespeare Library (left)
John Rainolds, oil on panel, 17th century © Corpus Christi College, Oxford, UK. The Bridgeman Art Library International. (center)
Toni Morrison © Timothy Greenfield-Sanders/Corbis Outline (right)

Illustrations and Design:

Coloring images and Family Guide design: Andrea LeHuep of Soleil Design
Translator Scavenger Hunt: Sherrill Cooper
Printer for a Day and Design a Binding: Ryan Burke
Crossword Puzzle (calligraphic flourish): Jane Farr


GVI, Andy Hemmendinger, president, Bob Burnett, vice president and creative director, and John Ringstad, producer


Read the Book and Hear a Translation:
Audio engineer and producer: Scott Burgess
Bible passages read by: Folger Theatre actors Maia deSanti, Todd Scofield, Deidra Starnes, and Craig Wallace

Handel’s Messiah excerpts:
Performers: Folger Consort (Robert Eisenstein and Christopher Kendall, co-artistic directors; Donnajean Ward, manager), soloists Drew Minter, Ann Monoyios, and William Sharp, and Choir of Magdalen College, Oxford, live concerts, 1993
Recording and editing engineer: Curt Wittig

Apollo 8′s Genesis Reading:
NASA audio file and transcript


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